It all started in 1984 when Dom Helder founded the Obras de Frei Francisco Institution, in his last year as archbishop of the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, in order to promote concrete actions in favor of the dignity of human life in all its dimensions.

In 2003, four years after the death of its founder, in his honor was renamed to Dom Helder Camara Institute, IDHEC, nonprofit entity, recognized in the municipal, state and federal levels.

Its main goal is the preservation and dissemination its founder’s legacy, tireless fighter in the struggle for social justice and solidarity. IDHEC spreads the ideas of its founder, publishing his manuscripts, such as the Complete Works, developing cultural activities and social projects and the realization of its Memorial.

Through his writings, Dom Helder denounced and fought against all forms of violence, exclusion and oppression, encouraging solidarity, respect for life and encouraging the exercise of citizenship, because, just as the prophet Isaiah, he believed that peace is only possible through justice.

Are also part of  IDHEC The Memorial Dom Helder Camara, the Casa de Frei Francico and the CEDOHC.


The Dom Helder Camara Memorial was born from the historical Restoration Project of the Churh of Frontiers, a place for preservation, exhibition and dissemination of Dom Helder’s work.

As part of IDHEC, the Dom Helder Camara Memorial is a space for cultural preservation and exhibition of Dom Helder’s personal objects, as well as his entire collection of documents, trying to create the ideal environment to spread his word and ideas.

Integrating the Memorial are The Church of Frontiers and its historical site, the House-Museum, the Dom Lamartine Space and the Permanent Exhibition.


Board 2014/2017:

Executive Director: Roberto Franca Filho

Treasurer: Edelomar Jose Santiago Barbosa

Secretary: Maria Laura Cavalcanti de Souza

Cultural Director: Normandia Macedo de Medeiros

Directors of Historical Heritage: Christina Ribeiro de Paiva

Trustee Board’s Chairman: Maria Teresa Caminha Duere


The Dom Helder Camara Institute, as a nonprofit institution, depends on projects and donations to continue its work of preservation and dissemination of the Dom Helder’s legacy. You can help us to continue this work becoming our partner and helping  preserve the memory of this great prophet of our times.

Your contribution will be very welcome. You can contribute monthly, using a booklet or making deposits to the current account.

Bank: Itau

Branch: 3175

Current Account: 19789-0

Translation: Rossana Menezes

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